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  Voiceover: Maria Paola Guerrato - Translation: Roberto Casiraghi*

If we were to single out the three most effective ways of memorising words and phrases in any given foreign language, we would definitely say "songs", "songs" and "songs". Also, if you like a song, try to learn its lyrics by heart (Italian lyrics are among the best in the world and they often exhibit a definite poetical quality). You will find that after a while you'll get so used to it that it will become a completely effortless task. Lyrics Puzzle is an exercise which invites you to listen repeatedly to a major Italian song and then to transcribe its lyrics. If you are in doubt as to what you are hearing, don't worry and look up our list of all the words that have been used in that particular song or listen to the audio file with the words in alphabetical order (so as not to infringe on anybody's copyright). Once the job done, just use Google (or another search engine) to find the complete lyrics.
DISCLAIMER: This resource doesn't contain the lyrics of this particular song but only the words used in the song listed in alphabetical order. The music is being streamed by www.youtube.com to whom you should apply if you think that your copyright is being infringed upon. If you are the original publisher of this song, we would like to ask you the permission to reproduce the full lyrics of this song for the benefit of our subscribers, as Scuolitalia is striving to enlarge the audience for Italian worldwide.

A Te - Jovanotti

Lorntso Kerubni, in rte Jovantti, no di prinipli kantautri italyni.
Lorenzo Cherubini, in arte Jovanotti, uno dei principali cantautori italiani.
Jovanotti (real name Lorenzo Cherubini) is one of the main Italian singer-songwriters.

La kantsne k abbymo shlto il so ltimo susso, na blla dikyaratsyne d'amre lla sa kompnnha.
La canzone che abbiamo scelto il suo ultimo successo, una bella dichiarazione d'amore alla sua compagna.
The song we have chosen is his latest hit, a very nice love declaration to his partner.

Il tsto frse un p' lngo, ma vedrte k vle la pna di askoltrlo.
Il testo forse un po' lungo, ma vedrete che vale la pena di ascoltarlo.
The lyrics are maybe a bit long, but - take my word - they are absolutely worth listening to!

Transcribe the lyrics here:

If you need help, here is the list of all the words sung by Jovanotti with pronunciation guide and contextual translation (i.e. the translation which is right for this particular song).

a a to; at
accoglie akkllhe welcomes; takes in
ad ad at
aeroplano aeroplno plane
al al at the
allontano allontno I go away,
all all' at the
altro ltro else
amica amka female friend
amore amre love
anche nke also
angolo ngolo corner
aria rya air
arrivare arrivre to arrive, to reach over
avere avre to have
avessi avssi had (subj.)
avventura avventra adventure
bassi bssi low
bella blla beautiful; nice
bollicine bolline bubbles
cambi kmbi you change
canto knto I sing
canzone kantsne song
che k that, which, who
chiaro kyro clear
chiusi kyzi closed
ci i us (direct object)
coi ki variant of con i= with the (masculine plural)
come kme like; as
compagna kompnnha partner (female)
con kn with
concentrano konntrano concentrate
contro kntro against
coraggio korjjo courage
cosa kza thing
credi krdi you believe
da da bella da morire= so beautiful you could die for it
dato dto given
dei di of the (plural)
della dlla of the (feminine singular)
dell dll' of the (feminine singular)
dentro dntro inside (preposition)
di di of
dica dka you tell (singular you, subj.)
difendermi difndermi to defend myself
disillusi dizillzi disillusioned
dopo dpo after
e and
ed d and (variant of e before word starting with a vowel)
essenzialmente essentsyalmnte essentially
fa fa makes; does
fatica fatka toil
fatto ftto done, made
fila fla queue
fino fno as far as
fondo fndo the bottom (of something)
forza frtsa force
forze frtse forces
fragile frjile fragile
gatto gtto cat
giorni jrni days
giorno jrno day
gli lhi the (masculine plural)
grande grnde great
guardo gwrdo I look at
hai i you have (singular you)
ho I have
i i the (masculine plural)
il il the (masculine singular)
immenso immnso huge, profound
in in in
insegnato insennhto taught (past participle)
io o I
la la the (feminine singular)
le l the (feminine plural)
l l' the (masculine or feminine singular)
larte lrte art
magia maja magic
mai mi never
mano mno hand
me m me (direct object)
meglio mllho better
meraviglia meravllha marvel
mi mi to me; me (direct object)
mia ma my (feminine singular)
mie me my (feminine plural)
miei myi my (masculine plural)
miglior millhr better
mio mo my
misurarlo mizurrlo to measure it
molto mlto molto di pi= much more; a lot more
mondo mndo al mondo= in the world
morire morre to die
muro mro wall
natura natra nature
ne n of it
nel nl in the (masculine singular)
nella nlla in the (feminine singular)
niente nynte nothing
non nn not
occhi kki eyes
offrirti offrrti to offer you (singular you)
ogni nnhi each
orizzonte oriddznte horizon
parole parle words
paura para fear
per pr for
perch perk because
piacere pyare pleasure
piaci pyi like
piangere pynjere to weep
pianta pynta tree
pieno pyno full
pi py more
poi pi than
portato portto taken (past participle)
posso psso I can
potevo potvo I could (imperfect)
po p a little
prendere prndere prendere in mano= to grasp with your hand
prendi prndi prendi il mio tempo= get hold of my time(=life, existence)
preso przo hai preso la mia vita= you got hold of my life, you captured my life
pronto prnto ready
pugni pnnhi fists
quando kwndo when
quello kwllo that
raccolto rakklto collected, picked up (past participle)
ragione rajne reason
render rnder to make (short for rendere)
reso rzo made (from rendere, past participle)
respiro respro breath
resti rsti you stay (singular you)
riesci rishi you manage (singular you)
roccia ra rock
salto slto leap
salvo slvo in salvo= to the rescue, where it is safe to be
se s if
sei si you are (singular you)
semplicemente sempliemnte semplicemente sei= you just are (literally, you simply are i.e. just by existing without doing anything else you are so important to me)
sempre smpre always
senso snso meaning
senza sntsa without
si si si fa chiaro= it becomes clear (literally, it makes itself clear)
sia sa che mi sia successa = thas has happened (lit. is happened, subj.)
sogni snnhi dreams
solo slo con un solo salto= with just one leap
sostanza sostntsa substance (= most important thing, essence, core)
spalle splle shoulders
stavo stvo I used to stand
stessa stssa same
stringendoti strinjndoti by embracing tightly or squeezing (gerundive)
successa sussa che mi sia successa= which ever happened to me
te t you (direct and indirect object)
tempo tmpo time (in the sense of existence, the time I am living)
ti ti to you; you
trascinarla trashinrla e trascinarla in salvo= and rush it to the rescue
trovato trovto found
tu tu you (singular)
tua ta your (singular)
tutti ttti all; every
tutto ttto everything; all
ucciderti uderti to kill you (singular you)
un un a (masculine singular)
una na a (feminine singular)
unica nika l'unica ragione= the only reason
unico niko only
uragano uragno hurricane
visto vsto seen (past participle)
vita vta life
volare volre to fly
vorrei vorri I'd like to have (present conditional)


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