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Italian is one of the most wonderful languages on earth, and if you are serious about your Italian, do come and study it with us using our incredible set of innovative resources. It's completely free in the beta stage and you won't regret it!












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Well, what is really difficult for us is to explain bout our unique features as there are so many! Anyway, let's take a look at the basic innovations:Camilla

  • REALISTIC APPROACH As explained at lenght in the About page, we won't lie to you by saying that, with us, you are going to learn Italian in a matter of days, weeks, or even months. Studying a language like Italian involves give or take 2,000 hours, so achieving the desired level of proficiency depends on you allocating enough time resources to fulfil the requirements of a proper study of Italian (or any other language, for that matter). So, if you manage to study Italian 8 hours a day, it will take you less than a year to attain your goal. On the other hand, dedicating just a couple of hours per week, will let you achieve your purpose in 20 years or so! This is what we call realistic approach, and it is important because unless you have realistic expectations, you won't be able to obtain the desired level of success, and you'll get frustrated. And frustration is the Number 1 Enemy of effective language learning.
  • PRONUNCIATION GUIDE Although Italian is usually considered a language offering no problems as far as pronunciation is concerned, we beg to differ! And we can support our belief by pointing out to the fact that most non-Italians who live in our country do not have a correct pronunciation of Italian: for instance, they usually fail to detect where the right stress should be placed in a word, as, unlike Spanish, Italian marks the stress only if it falls on the last syllable. Difficulties in pronunciation are also compounded by the massive influx of English words into Italian (all of them retaining the original spelling), which means Italian is no longer a language where you can take for granted that a word will be pronounced exactly as it is spelt. And that's what makes our Pronunciation Guide invaluable. Thanks to it, you will always know how to pronounce a word or sentence perfectly, even without listening to the audio file which accompanies all of our resources. The transliteration system used in our Pronunciation Guide is conceivably easy, dispensing of special signs and making use of an easy-to-remember set of conventions. For instance, word stress is marked by , , , , , and (mno, bllo, mno, dto, nto, mndo, tbo), the GL sound becomes lh, the GN sound nh, the SC sound sh etc. So, the sentence ti auguriamo di imparare l'italiano perfettamente becomes "ti augurymo di imparre l'italyno perfettamnte". Easy, isn't it?
  • WORD-FOR-WORD TRANSLATION Our key resources have a unique helpful tool providing you with a total  understanding of the Italian text: the word-for-word translation. We do provide a good English translation of the Italian but sometimes that is not enough to warrant a 100% understanding of why the Italian words need to be translated in a good English which seems completely different from the original. For instance, if we say
  • HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL (TABLED) PARALLEL TEXTS As we provide a lot more information in our resources it is absolutely crucial  that we have an adequate layout. Well, we have two! Check them out...









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